Quick Easy Mining DGB - Digibyte on Windows.

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Fri May 18, 2018 9:21 pm

First i must say the DGB's support is outstanding, The transaction speed in incredible and there blockchain and futures can be mind blowing. I can see DGB being bigger than it's few contenders in the future.

I have only used it for GPU *1 1060, so far but it seems to go so well, faster return than any other i have tried so far.

Step One: Get a wallet if you do not already have one. I use the official Digibyte Android Wallet.
Android: Google Play
Other Versions including the above can be found HERE at the official Digibyte page 
Once you have installed and registered your wallet you will now have your Digibyte address ready to receive your mining rewards. Copy your wallet address for the bellow pool settings.
Step two: Now lets join a pool and run the skien algo "Skien is quick, has less nulls and easier on hardware"
I use this pool and it rewards very well with zero fees "there is a 7 coin donation for withdrawal, so set to 50+ to pay less" (Multi GPU's should set to 100 + 1000 to get the best fee free rewards)
What the pools site lacks in design it makes up for in speed and returns.
Note: AS an Estimate.
I run a 1060GTX OC Edition. i get roughly 43 coins every 48 hours. I'd have a guess a 1070 would be 65 and a 1080+ 100 etc. x that by gpu's available. "As a guess"
*Register with the pool.  Click Guest at the top right corner and select Sign Up.
*Once registered click account and then My Workers on the LH Side "Mobile menu will differ but the process is the same"
Create a worker name and password and click add new worker. This is now your mining worker name "The job title for your mine and the worker in the pool your system will be noted as".

Add your wallet address to your account for your payouts. I believe it asks you for this during registration but if not you can edit it in my account / my account / Payment address. 

Yayy were done here. Once you have started mining using the tools below you can check in on this site and click account and monitor your earnings and performance. 

Step Three: Now lets get the GPU Minor for the Skien Algorithm. The pool site has some help also so click help if you need. 
For Nvidia download this package i have reset here.
You will need to get the latest Nvidia drivers if you havn't already and the latest CUDA drivers for Nvidia.
Extract the package to a folder. Your'e desktop will do fine.
Open the folder and view the extracted files.

We will now edit your'e details that you have created above in the miner.bat file.
To do this right click on the file and select Edit.

Edit the details as Follows.
ccminer --algo=skein -o stratum+tcp://us.miningfield.com:3397 -u SITE-USERNAME.WORKER-USERNAME-p WORKER-PASSWORD
and Save. It would look like the below command if my site username was happy and my worker user name was happy and my password was apple
ccminer --algo=skein -o stratum+tcp://us.miningfield.com:3397 -u happy.happy-p apple.

You are done you can run the bat file and it will start mining.

Edit the +address to suit your performance as follows ~ These are listed on the site also.

Stratum Ports: Proxy Servers:
Image ( CPUs )
Image stratum+tcp://us.miningfield.com:3394 [Diff: 0.001] Image usproxy1.miningfield.com:80 
Image stratum+tcp://us.miningfield.com:3396 [Diff: 0.01] Image usproxy2.miningfield.com:443
Image stratum+tcp://eu.miningfield.com:3394 [Diff: 0.001] Image euproxy1.miningfield.com:8080
Image stratum+tcp://eu.miningfield.com:3396 [Diff: 0.01] Image euproxy2.miningfield.com:443
Image ( GPUs )
Image stratum+tcp://us.miningfield.com:3397 [Diff: 0.8]
Image stratum+tcp://us.miningfield.com:3398 [Diff: 2]
Image  stratum+tcp://eu.miningfield.com:3397 [Diff: 0.8]
Image  stratum+tcp://eu.miningfield.com:3398 [Diff: 2]
Image ( Fast Rigs/ ASICs )
Image stratum+tcp://us.miningfield.com:3399 [Diff: 8]
Image stratum+tcp://us.miningfield.com:3395 [Diff: 16]
Image  stratum+tcp://eu.miningfield.com:3399 [Diff: 8]
Image  stratum+tcp://eu.miningfield.com:3395 [Diff: 16]
Happy Mining.
The AMD Tool is here.
It is so imprtant that you have the latest graphics card drivers installed for better performance and handling of new algs.
Feel free to donate me some of your'e cool DGB here
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Thu May 31, 2018 3:26 pm

CPU mining is entirely not worth it don't even attempt.

I am pool switching currently as blocks are sometimes easier to find in different pools

Check out 
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