Electroneum Mining on CPU with Cryptonight v7 & XMR STACK

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Electroneum forked May/June 2018 to a new algo putting old mining tools in the obsolete basket.

This guide will take you through mining on your CPU with the new v7 algo the easy way.
Your first step is to download the latest software available here or use the pre-config attached below in attachments "Please use pre-config to mine for 1 hour as A donation"

You may come across failed downloads or blocked downloads due to windows defender "This is usually the case for command line programs" i will show you how to allow the download temporally in the next steps.

How to stop windows defender temporarily.
Step one click the start button and type defender.
Go to Virus & Threat protection settings
erdana, "Myriad Web", Syntax, helvetica, sans-serif]
And then disable real time protection. Remember to re-enable once this task is completed for your security.
Ok now we can extract the archive to anywhere you wish. There will be three files in the folder. All we need to do is edit the config,json file to set it to your pool, wallet and CPU usage strength. Right click the file and open it with notepad. You will see the following information. Just edit the BOLD sections with your details.

Edit these
"max-cpu-usage": ##, Insert usage ie 50 = 50% or 80 = 80%
 "url": "##", your pool address
  "user": "##", usually your wallet address or it will be your username and worker name if that's the pool setting ie. USER:WORKER

Code: Select all

[font=Arial]    "algo": "cryptonight",[/font]
[font=Arial]    "api": {[/font]
[font=Arial]        "port": 0,[/font]
[font=Arial]        "access-token": null,[/font]
[font=Arial]        "worker-id": null,[/font]
[font=Arial]        "ipv6": false,[/font]
[font=Arial]        "restricted": true[/font]
[font=Arial]    },[/font]
[font=Arial]    "av": 0,[/font]
[font=Arial]    "background": false,[/font]
[font=Arial]    "colors": true,[/font]
[font=Arial]    "cpu-affinity": null,[/font]
[font=Arial]    "cpu-priority": null,[/font]
[font=Arial]    "donate-level": 1,[/font]
[font=Arial]    "huge-pages": true,[/font]
[font=Arial]    "hw-aes": null,[/font]
[font=Arial]    "log-file": null,[/font]
[font=Arial]    "max-cpu-usage": [b][u]75[/u][/b],[/font]
[font=Arial]    "pools": [[/font]
[font=Arial]        {[/font]
[font=Arial]            "url": "[b][u]pool.etn.spacepools.org:3333[/u][/b]",[/font]
[font=Arial]            "user": "[b][u]etnk9p5g6r9HtspRF1GW5C3MPmQWDvbHgRP8nC8GcktqH45UNr2mUbZEeHT5fYjfHjfPfkS4hZQide1ch9CtjdjK5vzjrXgpMM[/u][/b]",[/font]
[font=Arial]            "pass": "x",[/font]
[font=Arial]            "rig-id": null,[/font]
[font=Arial]            "nicehash": false,[/font]
[font=Arial]            "keepalive": false,[/font]
[font=Arial]            "variant": 1[/font]
[font=Arial]        }[/font]
[font=Arial]    ],[/font]
[font=Arial]    "print-time": 60,[/font]
[font=Arial]    "retries": 5,[/font]
[font=Arial]    "retry-pause": 5,[/font]
[font=Arial]    "safe": false,[/font]
[font=Arial]    "threads": null,[/font]
[font=Arial]    "user-agent": null,[/font]
[font=Arial]    "watch": false[/font]
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