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These are simple to add to the Enjin wallet or any ETH Wallet

Courtesy of Irish Girl in Medium ... e82533ba9a

All you have to do is go to your ERC-20 wallet and click add custom token or add token (depends on wallet) Now Just add the Contract address, Symbol, and Decimal. Instant token in wallet:)

Contract Address: 0xb810Ad9007E4F2d9Aab2e7181A0385d02437eA6e Symbol : KFC Decimal: 18 (You will get 8888 tokens now)

Contract Address: 0xFaFaE755cBaF09Cff8f5B0a0f1E0A4A719a9C32a Symbol : ManitoS Decimal: 18 (You will get 50000 tokens now)

Contract Address: 0x4F38f4229924bfa28D58eeda496Cc85e8016bCCC SYMBOL: Cehhcoin DECIMAL: 0 (Get Free 26 Cehhcoin)

Contract Address: 0x1EdA8487d6865D294423c6080d4C65B9ee28A514 Token Decimals: 18 Token Symbol: EOSP (You will get 888 EOSP)

Contract Address: 0x3565402f2936d3284264f03615d065803330e392 Symbol CSAT , Token decimal 18 (Get Free 1000 CSAT)

Contract Address: 0x01995786f1435743c42b7f2276c496a610b58612 Symbol : SDZ Decimal: 18 (Get Free 6000 SDZ)

Contract Address: 0xce853db3359326db6d03981c9fb42983bbcdd007 Token Symbol: PNS1 Decimals: 2 (Get Free 80081.35 PNS1)

Contract Address: 0x0189d31f6629c359007f72b8d5ec8fa1c126f95c Symbol : SNS Decimal : 18 (Get Free 1000 SNS)

Contract Address: 0xa5996f6b731b349e25d7d5f4dd93a5ce9947841f Symbol : GIFT Decimal : 18 (Get Free 1000 GIFT)

Contract Address 0xd9A72fEc8683db0666769D841d6D127F350B4418 Token Decimals: 18 Token Name: SURPRISE Token Symbol: SPS (You will get 276 SPS)

Contract Address: 0x1a1b161962a7efe85be39a24f18ad7d4a504e10c Symbol: BOY Decimal: 18 (Get Free 10000 BOY)

Contract Address: 0x75f2ff3f2d5a789762622d7c039373ca6b8ad74a Symbol: ETU Decimal: 18 (Get Free 88888 ETU)

Contract Address: 0x86c8bf8532aa2601151c9dbbf4e4c4804e042571 Symbol: SIM Decimal: 2 (Get Free 10000 SIM)

Contract Address: 0x9aa9f330ab322e8a6f044c46a109b5910fa373ce Symbol: Decimal: IGNISLITE (Get Free 276 IGNISLITE)
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