Electroneum CPU + GPU + Mobile Mining (ETN) Guide

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Welcome to Electroneum A Monero Mobile Payments system fork that i think can shape a lot of people transactions.

Step one is to download the Electroneum official Mobile Minor App found here https://electroneum.com/ or on the play store (coming to apple soon).
Once installed and registered you can start mobile mining straight away by touching start mining..

Now you will have a wallet address from the app. This is your wallet address for all below details and your future in ETN "Electroneum" to get your address touch wallet in the app and then receive. you can copy the addy from there for all the below minors for CPU and GPU.

Download the official Electroneum CPU Pool minor from here https://downloads.electroneum.com/Elect ... _setup.exe
there may be updated versions so check https://downloads.electroneum.com/
Install the program.
Run the program.
Now all we need to deal with is the wallet address input, the # of threads selection and the pool address.
** #of threads you should base of your CPU Cores. I have a i7 6700k and when set to 4 "default" i use 50% CPU power ~ Enough to still use my pc a fair bit. #4 gives me 127-180 h/s rate.
** Enter your wallet address into the your ETN wallet address section.
*** Enter your pool address. I currently use "stratum+tcp://etn.easyhash.io:3631" for my i7 but lower cpu's should use maybe stratum+tcp://etn.easyhash.io:3630" as stated here from easy hash https://easyhash.io/electroneum/start

GPU Mining (Win 64BIt)
This 10x folds ya has rate.
**Preset for Nvidia download XMR Pre Configured here https://github.com/xmrMiner/xmrMiner-Win64
Now you will need latest Drivers and Cuda for mining.
Cuda 9 can be found here https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-90-download-archive about 1.2GB
**Install cuda and the patches.
** Edit the "xmrMiner_easyStart" file in the XMR archive you downloaded. Right click the file and choose edit "Windows only"
*** where it says "set xmrAddress=" paste your wallet address after the =
*** where it says set poolUrl=" enter (stratum+tcp://etn.easyhash.io:3631)
*Close and save.
** Now run or double click the "xmrMiner_0.2.1" file.
* you are now mining GPU, you can see your hash rate and blocks etc within the command.

Track your mining progress.
Go to https://easyhash.io/electroneum/mystats and enter your wallet address. you can monitor block pays, payouts and hash rates combined.

There are othere pools available so have a look but easyhash works for me.

Easyhash has a getting started for users with AMD Gpus etc. very very simple stuff.
Eashyhash Link https://easyhash.io/electroneum/start

Galazy S7 Edge (15-37 h/s)
I7 6700k (120-175 h/s)
Asus 1060 OC Strix (450-800 h/s)
work pc celeron (7-18h/s) 18 being the not using set threads higher and priority higher. I use SumoEasyMiner for slow PC's as it is very manageable in that way. But if you set to high priority expect huge system perfomance losses)
Total average (600-1200 H's) about 30 Coins a day

Donate ETN to my wallet ( etnk9p5g6r9HtspRF1GW5C3MPmQWDvbHgRP8nC8GcktqH45UNr2mUbZEeHT5fYjfHjfPfkS4hZQide1ch9CtjdjK5vzjrXgpMM)
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As Easy Hash has slowed right down i have moved over to a Different Pool to obtain rewards more often.

way better return rate.

I have attached the two minors preset. just change the wallet address in the files noted below. The CPU Miner gives a Virus warning. You will need to disable protection whilst downloading or extracting. You will need to add exceptions to Windows Defender

Crypto CPU Minor (miners/crypto-cpu-miner.zip
Edit the wallet address in the "wallet.address" file

Crypto GPU Miner (Nvidia Only) (miners/xmr-stak-win64.zip
Edit wallet address in the config file

You can monitor you hash rate / payments etc on the spacepools website just enter your wallet address. Payout is 10ETN
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